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We went to a Japanese restaurant for Sushi this evening, and I tend to take photos when I am out and about that I may be able to use on my website. I mean I support photo websites from time to time, but I like the idea of free photos and not have to worry about crediting photo creators. When we really take the time to explore our environment, we can no doubt spot patterns and color schemes that probably were put together by professionals.

Here is the wall behind the register, which if you look closely at the variation of squares could inspire a pattern. Not to mention the color choices of gold, browns, and some hints of black.

I am not sure if there is a pattern here, but we can see how this orange/yellow and black can represent more than just a bumblebee! I think this must be some sort of protective gear for a ninja warrior or something similar.

I want to challenge you in exploring your world to see what patterns and color scheme exist and what you can make of it in the making of a quilt. Do not be afraid to pull out the phone and take a snapshot. Have fun this week, and see what kind of quilt world lives with the places you visit this week and see what you can find you can use in your next quilting or sewing project!

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