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Lately, focusing on thoughts that help raise vibration seems to be something that I am hearing a lot about in some of my friends circle. Most of the time, we really do not do anything unless we feel we will benefit from our actions. If you care about consequences of your actions, you may wonder when things are not going the way you want them to be why. Especially, you do what you need to do to reap the consequences of good choices but things seem to off in some way. In today’s article, we discuss how we need to focus on the essence of all that is ours in order to start the momentum of good things coming into our reality.

Emotional Intelligence

Is it not natural to feel good and want to have good experiences? Then why do we find ourselves at times in a bad mood or worried over things such as finances, our children, the world? Emotions are powerful tools we received when we came into the physical realm and received our physical bodies. Our emotions help us know the difference between whether we are doing good where we are or if we are in danger. When we spend a lot of time in the emotions and thoughts that come with those emotions that cause us to experience fear and doubt, the more our perception to the things we want shrinks.

For years I read much of the material on emotional intelligence. According to, emotional intelligence means “the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.” Especially, we have the intelligence to be aware of our emotions and moods and those of others which in the business world helps with managing people. So, we are taught that being “aware” of our emotions is an important part of having emotional intelligence.

We are great at ignoring our emotions in an attempt to forget. Suppose you go to the movies and see a scary movie and some part of that movie really gets next to you. As you leave the movie theatre, you walk through the lobby and mix in with the other people either leaving or arriving at the theatre although the thoughts and emotions of the movie are still lingering in the back of your mind and in your emotions. Because you become busy finding your car and thinking about getting home to feed the cat and the dog and maybe needing to begin getting ready for work the next day, you slowly begin to calm your emotions and forget about the movie. Over time, you may even completely forget what happens in the movie (a year or so goes by). You could say this is a form of emotional intelligence.

We know that we cannot continue to live in our world and do the things we need to do having the emotions that we experience such as watching a scary movie. However, our life sometimes presents itself experiences that can upset us, but we hold onto those emotions and over time things seem to everyday be everything but what we want in our life. We have to care about the state of our emotions everyday, so that we are in the right mindset to continue experiencing the type of life we desire for ourselves.

Dominant Thinking

A thought that we keep thinking becomes a dominant thought which means any emotions with those thoughts stays active in our vibration. When we give ourselves a break from thinking about whatever we are thinking about all the time and focus on something that brings us relief, we allow more of what we desire to show up in our life.

Have you ever gone shopping while upset or focusing on something that has you upset and forget what you went in the store to get? When you are focusing on one thing, your perception for the now is pushed aside where you are not aware the opportunities or even think about buying sugar or milk so these things do not show up in your life. However, when you focus all your attention on what you go into the store to buy, you will have a better experience. Have you ever tried to focus completely on one thing while you are upset other than what has you upset? More than likely, you have to calm your emotions and put the negative thoughts to the side so you can focus better on what is at hand. Does life not seem more satisfying once you can focus on the one thing you desire to have, be, or do? Everything just seems to work out for you. You may even later wonder why you were upset in the first place.

So, in order to tune into the essence of what we desire, we must learn to care about how we feel and focus our thoughts on more of what we want – just like the items in the store we set our focus on to buy. I am not saying that you will not experience issues that may come up in life. In fact, we call these issues our contrast. The wonderful thing about these types of experiences or contrast is that we learn what we do not want and that we are focusing our thoughts and emotions on things that will not bring us happiness. In other words, the contrast is sort of like our emotional tool that helps us know we need to take a different path or that we are in danger; they help us know that whatever we are thinking or feeling has to change to something that will bring us satisfaction in our life.


We want to care about how we feel in our everyday life; not just when we see a scary movie. We need to remember that when we focus our thoughts on one thing these become our dominant thoughts pushing out any other thoughts. We must focus our thoughts on those things that we desire to show up in our reality. We experience contrast, but we do not have to continue to focus on those things that cause us to be upset or fearful. We can begin to focus on what we prefer so that those thoughts and feelings become dominant in our vibration.


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