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Hey, Amy here. I am getting ready to sew my blocks for my Dresden together, and the borders will follow right behind. The topic of borders is not common, but knowing a few tips on how to sew borders gives us that nice job done.

Three Things That Make A Quilt Wonky

Using the term “wonky” in this sense would be our quilt top not exactly coming up square. No matter how even we cut our pieces, no matter how straight and exact we sew our seams, and no matter how much we avoid not steam pressing our blocks, our quilt top can come up uneven. These are three areas of quilting that can throw our quilt off, obviously. We want to do our best to make sure to cut each piece the same as the next.

One of the main reasons for Accuquilt is so that we have a better chance to get the same size piece all through our quilt top. If you are not fortunate enough to own one of these amazing tools in the sewing room, you can still make sure each piece is cut to size with a little patience. Another thing that can throw off our quilt top measurement is when we press our blocks. If we do not set our seams, we run the risk of not sewing our seams evenly.

To set your seam, you press (not iron) your seams after sewing them before you press them open or to the side. Our quilt top can get off measurement also when we do not sew our seams even. To get an even seam, you can put a piece of tape on your machine so that your fabric runs alongside the tape making sure to get as straight a seam as possible.

How To Even Up Your Quilt Top Using Borders

One of the main reasons I tend to consider adding a border is when I need to add width to my quilt. Borders can add dimension and visual balance to our quilt top. To even up a quilt top or just add borders for visual appeal:

(1) you want to measure your quilt top at one end, the center, and then the opposite end. Finding the center length of the quilt top,

(2) find the halfway mark of each of the three measurements and press or mark that center of your quilt top.

(3) Mark your border strips at center using your method of choice, so you can line up the center of the border strip with the center mark of the quilt top.

(4) Attach the border strips to each end the width of the quilt top and sew a fourth inch seam.

(5) Set your seams and press them to one side.

Now, measure the length of the quilt top with the border you just sewed to the quilt top at one end, the center, and opposite end. You are essentially repeating the same process. You can trim any small excess that may extend past the where the corners of the border strips meet. You can rest assured that your quilt will square up using this method; every-time!

Well, thats it for today’s tip. Let me know in the comments below any questions you might have about the instructions in this article.

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