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Do you love to quilt? I certainly do! But, I have to admit sometimes I just lose inspiration. Today, I want to share with you how I find inspiration and before I know it I am up and running to the fabric store.

I did it again! I managed to get everything I needed for a quilt, quilted all the pieces, did all the appliqué, and realized late Saturday evening I did not have any quilting thread. You may wonder why that might be an issue, but I tried most threads for my quilts where Superior Threads will only do; they open on Monday.

I absolutely fell in love with their quilting thread Fantastico! The amount of thread you get on one spool is phenomenal, and the quality is downright addictive. If you want a quality finish to your free motion quilting; use Superior Threads thread.

Maybe you are the creative type, and you never need to find inspiration. You could own quilting software that allows you to design your own patterns. I have one on my wishlist, but I have to figure out what pattern or quilt I will do next by scanning the internet or peaking at the cards on the way out of the fabric store. I always forget there are patterns everywhere we turn.

Electronic Quilt 8

Did you know Electronic Quilt 8 is a program that allows you to design your own quilt patterns? Maybe you feel you are not tech savvy enough to use software or design your own quilt. Believe it or not, The Electronic Quilt Company designed Electronic Quilt 8, but they also have the beginner in mind creating instruction guides (48-page).  With Electronic Quilt 8, you can design any size quilt, draw all size and styles of blocks, include some of your favorite fabrics, print your patterns, and even share them on social media right from within the software! When you purchase the software you do not get any CD’s, DVD’s, or USB. Instead, you get a license number to key into The Electronic Quilt Company website that allows you to download the software. You can even purchase the software as a gift for someone. Get this! The software will even calculate all the fabric individually you need to build your personalized quilt!


Another way to get inspiration is to check online fabric store websites for quilt patterns. I plan on doing a video each week to highlight a quilt pattern I find. So make sure to check out my video library where you will be able to visually see how some of the patterns I post here on my blog are put together. I will also include the video in each post so you have immediate access. If I do not upload a post about a pattern, but I create a video; you can subscribe and click the notification bell so you get notified when I upload a new video. Below, you can find some links to free patterns by various vendors. I list a few I am considering doing a video tutorial. If you want me to do a pattern, let me know and I will that pattern in for you.

Patterns For Video Tutorial I am considering:


Free Quilt Patterns For Inspiration

Live Art Gallery

Free Quilt Patterns

Bear Creek Quilting

Free Quilt Patterns for Fat Quarter Lovers

Fat Quarter Shop Free Patterns

Fat Quarter Friendly Free Patterns

Free Fat Quarter Patterns from Bluprint


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